JOYETECH Exceed Edge

Compact, stylish and elegant - these words best describe Joyetech's new POD original design device in the MTL category.

03. 07. 2018.


Joyetech Exceed Edge uses the same 1.2 Ohm coils as Exceed D19, but apart from that it is a completely different device. With dimensions of 11 x 2 x 2.6 cm and weighing 78 grams, it is one of the smallest and lightest devices on the market. The body of the device is made of zinc alloy, while the cartridge and the activation bar are of high quality plastic.

The rubberized activation bar is ergonomically placed underneath the device itself, so that the thumb is naturally applied to it. Because of chance of being pushed in the pockets, the bar is a bit more resistant than we are used to and it needs to be pushed harder so that the device is activated.

The biggest advantage of the device is a 650 mAh battery. Although this seems a bit weak for users of big mods, this is one of the largest batteries in the POD class of devices. Joyetech Exceed Edge uses a power output of 8-14W, so for most users this battery will last for a whole day, and perhaps longer. The device also comes with passthrough which allows use while charging. The device contains a LED indicator at bottom that changes depending on the available battery charge.

To fuel your device with Virginia White e-liquid, disconnect the cartridge from the metal part of the device and then remove the coil holder on the cartridge. At first charging, as usual, it is necessary to drop a couple of E-liquid drops into the coil itself so it will not burn. The liquid is poured by removing the small rubber plug on the lower part of the E-filter and the volume of the container itself is 2 ml.

In conclusion, this is one of the most attractive POD devices we’ve had the opportunity to test with already proven Joyetech coils and a durable battery. Also worth mentioning is the surprising amount of flavor that this device delivers, and we can certainly recommend it to all MTL users.