User testimonies

We asked our customers what they thought about Virginia White. Here are their testimonies:

“I first tried Virginia White based on recommendations of my friends. I liked the possibility of changing different aromas, and the curtains in the apartment smelled better. ”

Maja P. (27), Zagreb


“Because of lung problems, I decided to change to E-cigarettes. The decision fell to Virginia White. The feeling was initially different from classic smoking, but after a while I noticed that my condition improved. I started to breathe easier, I no longer feel winded after running after the bus, and the feeling of taste is getting better. ”

Mario G. (57), Šibenik


“I was very skeptical about the whole story about E-cigarettes until I thought – why not try it? Within a week I was so fond of the experience that smoking tobacco cigarettes became unacceptable. Now I’m persuading my wife to go to the E-cigarette and I’m sure I’ll succeed! ”

Ivan N. (36), Krapina


“After a decision was made to stop smoking, I threw all the smudges into the trash. I’ve been vaping for 3 months now and I feel better than ever! Soon I plan to completely discard nicotine and only liquids with zero nicotine for a pleasant aroma. ”

Jan S. (24), Split