Virginia White

E-cigarette is a revolutionary product designed to quit smoking or to enjoy smoke with or without nicotine. E-cigarette market is still emerging and we are witnessing a growing need and interest for this type of product. Consumers and potential consumers of E-cigarettes include current and former consumers of tobacco cigarettes who in some countries make up more than 35% of the population.

Virginia White is a leading brand in E-cigarettes, E-liquids and E-cigarette accessories. Meant for passionate smokers and people willing to take a step forward for their health alike, this brand offers unique design made with users’ needs in mind and is placed on the market as a top quality product.

Virginia White is a manufacturer that uses only highest quality natural ingredients which also have all the required certificates that guarantee superior quality. Carefully assorted ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, aromas and refined high purity nicotine, guarantee unique flavour of Virginia White E-liquids.

Before being placed on the market all products go through rigorous testing to ensure identical quality in each bottle. All Virginia White liquids have been manufactured in the European Union, in accordance with the latest manufacturing standards and have specifically been adapted for the European Union market.

Every buyer represents an important factor in our business, and as such we strive to offer them only the best products. All Virginia White liquids and their packaging have been carefully adapted and conformed with the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive).

E-cigarette is your choice for better quality of life. It represents a sustainable and safer alternative to smoking; up to the point of complete cesation of smoking. According to the research conducted by the British PHE agency it is 95% safer than the classic tobacco cigarette. With Virginia White E-cigarettes, a new age truly has arrived.