Virginia White Start E-filter

The well-known and beloved E-filter Virginia White E-filter duo experienced some cosmetic, as well as practical changes.

06. 11. 2017.


In order to stay within the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD), we have redesigned parts of the device itself along with the packaging.

From now on you can find your favorite E-filter in a new package under the new name – Start, and it can be purchased per piece. In addition to the new packaging in which the E-filter is much more protected from external influences when transporting, the modification of the charging system has been made on the device itself. So-called, Childproof protection system is integrated, where the drip tip should be pressed downwards, then unscrewed and removed. This system is significant because it prevents the abuse of products by children and infants.

As far as the vaping experience itself is concerned, all the quality and safety of the previous Virginia White E-filters has been retained, including the 2.8 Ohm coil, 8 fine thin threads for better absorption of E-liquid to the coil itself and a capacity of 1.6 milliliters. When vaping, it produces pleasant and rich taste of selected E-liquid. If you are looking for a new E-filter, there is no doubt that Virginia White Start will meet all of your expectations.