Virginia White – redesigned

Ever since its introduction to the market, Virginia White stands out as the premium manufacturer of E-cigarettes, E-Filters, E-Liquids and equipment. Our products are well known to all users who likely experienced their first E-cigarette encounter via Virginie White.

02. 11. 2017.


Since the market is constantly changing and growing, we have decided to refresh our product range and introduce a new and improved E-cigarette. The new edition of Virginie White comes in three colors – black, silver and white, and besides the improved packaging that protects the product better from harmful effects during transport, the devices themselves have been modified.

The new E-filter Virginia White Start has already been introduced here, and in this description we will talk about the battery that comes in the Start set, along with the E-filter and the USB charger. At first glance at the new battery, you can note a new design of the activation key, which feels better on touch and attracts looks with a chrome coating. The LED indicator is integrated in the edge of the button and is decently lit when used.

With these changes, it is worth mentioning that the battery capacity is 900mAh which, when fully charged, is enough for about 800 vapes, and that the battery is equipped with a high quality chip with short circuit and overcharge protection.

Virginia White has always been the leader in the E-cigarette market, and with these modifications we prove to keep track of market changes and always deliver our customers the latest and highest quality product designed by the latest standards in the industry.